Have you thought about (HYTA) why Saudi Arabia and Indonesia banned Valentine’s Day?


It may as well be stated at the outset, if anything, to make my position on these religious holidays clear, that Valentine’s Day which is rooted in the death of a Christian martyr in ancient Rome, and like all religious observations and special days, are nonsensical and absurd – just like how the Chinese believe in ancestor worship by burning incense and choking up the environment.

We know that if we value someone dearly, we will listen, talk and grow with the person in perpetuity, not just making a slightly more strenuous effort on a “special” day. So of course, we don’t need Christmas or Valentine to remind us to do the right thing. These special days are often glamorised with the intent for business opportunities – a sort of mechanical commercialisation of the heart.

So if it’s not a particularly big deal, and if most of us know how to cherish the people in our lives, why would Valentine’s Day be banned?

Saudi Arabia and Indonesia – both populous Islamic countries – see Valentine’s as an event that’s grounded in Catholicism. Celebrating the holiday would be a betrayal of Islamic faith. Since you know, there can only be one true God, and it surely has to be the Islamic God. He is apparently able to see everything you do, demands of you to pray to him every day or risk eternal damnation, and who also seeks the death of disbelievers, or apparently because he has so much time, cares enough to legislate on how women should dress.

In Saudi Arabia, women CANNOT drive a car or pursue higher education unless male guardian consent is given, must dress like black lamp posts, and are so restricted, it’s almost a crime against half the human race. And these stem from their BELIEFS in Islam. It’s abhorrent that the ruling elite in Saudia Arabia gets away with privileges and indulgences (hunting rights, charges of sexual assault etc) while the regular citizens abide the asininity of the “morality police” – a raving ragtag band of idiots organised under the banner of Islam to control how you behave and dress in their country.

And now, they are so insecure in their faith’s moral system that the better option is an outright ban on Valentine’s. This again raises a religious divide because they fear for the infringement of their delicate belief system.  Religion divides people over and over again, and each sheep of the flock believes fervently that they are special, chosen and correct. Is this not sinister enough? Does this not smack of a gross misuse of human intellectual thought?

Let not the spotlight fall on Islam only. Christians have been taught to avoid Yoga because it’s supposed to be connected to some form of Hinduism, and apparently, certain postures of Yoga appear to be a kind of religious prostration. Look further and you can find exclusivity demands from all other faiths too. It’s Animal Farm 101 – a herd of unthinking, unquestioning and oblivious animals believing they are under the sagely tutelage of a leader.

When you see the very young Indonesian teens holding placards banning Valentine’s, loudly cheering and supporting the movement and blindly insisting on Islamic teaching, one doesn’t have to look too far to see that through and through, we have always been animals and probably will stay that way.

So have you thought about (HYTA) why this is unacceptable or not?

(Russia has also banned Valentine’s Day citing Western morals being incompatible with their social system. It’s authoritarian and not too different from religions imposing their insistence of how you should lead your lives. Looks like everyone wants to tell you how you should live)


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