Have you thought about (HYTA) who is most significant to you?


The answer seems deceptively simple and just like it’s easy to mistake the sparkling, quiet reflection in the lake for the twinkling stars in the heavens, who’s most significant to us may not necessarily be our parents or our immediate close friends.

We are influenced by many people and influence runs deep and far, swift and relentless, and branches into numerous scintillating rivulets. We are the sum total of all accumulated sights seen and missed, people met and forgotten, love lost and given.

However, scattered amidst the iridescent colours, one ray, ethereal and majestic, flows brighter, stronger and more independent than the rest. For this single pulsing ray of light, the heart listens a little longer, beats a little faster.

Sometimes in our lives, we encounter a person who gives us the key to our own heart, the voice to our own identity and provides us a flourishing hanging garden for self-growth, self-experimentation and repeated adventures into life. We see things clearer, think better and are better poised to live life on our own terms.

Such a significant person has influence that roots itself deeply in our thoughts and actions. Our every gesture, our every laugh, our every perception is as a consequence, interpreted through the lens of this person’s influence, even if we never ever realise it.

Sometimes such a person might be an unusual thinker, perhaps younger or older, perhaps a maverick or conformist, or perhaps possessed of something indescribably different. Sometimes, it can’t be explained. And in this person’s company, regardless of time spent, we change for the better, and we allow ourselves to be changed.

Eventually when we are ready to anchor ourselves on the stage of life, we realise that even if this person no longer exists, or even if our memory fails us bit by bit, piece by piece, we will bear the remnants of this person’s complex, absorbing influence till the day the curtains fall.

Such a person is a precious commodity, a significant barter of immeasurable worth, and rarely, sadly, do they last. But we will always echo their influences, even if we don’t remember them, or if the fates are unkind. One thing’s for sure though: life is infinitely poorer without this person’s existence.

So, have you thought about (HYTA) who is most significant to you in your (until now) life?

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