Have you thought about (HYTA) the joke that is Saudi Arabia?


If what happens on the world stage is any indication of human progress, then we are certainly not far from extinguishing the poor candle of reason. If there was  a weather-vane of moral guidance, now it’s certainly been gutted and tossed out the window.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia has recently been awarded France’s highest honour for ‘great efforts in countering terrorism and extremism’ – darkly amusing considering that the European Union has admitted that Saudi Arabia is one of the largest sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And it’s a point that has been affirmed by the American secretary of state, Hiliary Clinton.

Let’s put a few things in perspective. Saudi Arabia, in the last few decades, has spent inordinate sums of money (in the billions) trying to spread its fundamental ideology of Sunni Islam throughout the world – a law that marginalises women and allows for beheading over petty crimes and of course, the criminalisation of questioning Islam.

It’s a merry crockpot of asinine ideology basted with equally reprehensible dictatorial directives because the Saudi royal family for all their abuses of power and self-violation of Islamic laws (through their behaviour), are apparently exempted from the idiotic doctrines they cruelly enforce on their local populace.

The biggest joke? (And I mean this in a very serious way rather than a cliched rhetorical question) Saudi Arabia is the head of the UN human rights council. Given that Saudi Arabia’s human rights record is a wheezing joke and to this very point of time, still remains a wicked parody, this ‘award’ bestowed by the French is a twisted distortion and a sobering reminder that money and power move the world, not good intentions.

Why else do you think France would confer this absurd honour on Saudi Arabia? Because Saudi Arabia has the second largest oil reserve in the world, is the most powerful Gulf regime (which is the most oil-dense region of the world) and has liquid cash that flows into the pockets of many politicians. (The Malaysian prime minister embroiled in the recent scandal claims that the 681 million dollars  were ‘donated’ to him by the Suadi Royal family).

Worse, America, which has often been called out for being a hypocritical moral police, is doubtlessly unlikely to ever salvage its reputation. America trades heavily with Saudi Arabia on not just oil but also on military weapons that Saudi Arabia has been been known to use to deliberately target civilians (and even the hospitals of Doctors without Borders). Being trade partners in bed together, America has been quiet on Saudi Arabia’s frequent violation of human rights.

Though it shouldn’t come as too much a surprise since much of history has often been chequered with struggles of power and convenient acquiescing to the mighty, I wonder sometimes if there’s a point to moral and ethics. The best people who think and apply them are ironically (and usually) the people who are not interested in power, and if they were in power, would not survive long.

So, have you thought about (HYTA) Saudi Arabia (again)?

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