Have you thought about (HYTA) how the world has crossed a dark & dangerous line of no return?

looking back

          Exactly who and what the Americans voted for cannot be overstated enough. Donald J. Trump, president elect of the United States, has on an unprecedented level, ran an open campaign built on racial discrimination, sexism, proven lies / exaggerations, and won convincingly in a landslide victory. Neither Mussolini nor Hilter, both nefarious dictators, began their parties’ campaign with bigotry as an opening statement. At  the very least, Mussolini had the decency of pretending to be democratic and inclusive before he went on setting up a legal dictatorship.

          And here is Donald Trump who during his campaign, has been recorded on video saying that there was no point following the Geneva conventions (a universal war treaty to be humane towards innocent civilians and prisoners of war), who wants and accepts any form of torture as a means of interrogation and investigation, and who thinks that in order to deal with terrorists, we should target and take out (kill) their families. Can it get any worse? Apparently, yes, because he also went on to say that we have to be more barbaric than ISIS’s methods of beheading people. So, to deal with the bad guys, we have to be more cruel, more heinous than them. Violence begets more violence. It is a perpetuation of hatred, incitement and rampant discrimination. And he’s fine with it.

          This is the person who has access to one of the most powerful armies in the world, the public face for the young to follow, the role model which other countries may emulate and worst – he has the codes and rights for use to America’s nuclear arsenal. He has already famously declared that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if South Korea or Saudi Arabia had nuclear weapons. In a country as ritualistically religious as Saudi Arabia, where its practices, beliefs and ‘laws’ closely mirrors that of ISIS, he doesn’t see an issue with giving an ‘American ally’ the rights to own a nuclear weapon. As it is, Saudi Arabia leading the United Nations human rights council (an unfunny joke) is already a legitimate cause for anger, and now it’s ok to give them nuclear weapons?

          And that’s not forgetting his intent of building a wall to be paid for by Mexico and his insistence that Muslims should be barred from America until ‘we can figure out what’s happening’. How he intends to manifest these claims remain to be seen but Mexico has already said it would not foot the bill. What people seem to forget is that Trump is a failed businessman. He’s gone bankrupt six times, and all the businesses he has done has either been fraudulent or complete failures. Trump university? It’s been proven to be a scam. Trump airlines, Trump steaks and Trump wine? All failures. And Trump has been found guilty of using charity money for his own expenses. And he claims to be able to fix the economy?

          To add on to an already burgeoning list, it is likely that one of Trump’s agenda is to obstruct women’s rights to abortion. He once said that women who go for abortions should be punished though he later backed down on it. But it’s clear what he genuinely believes in.   He also doesn’t believe in climate change, brazenly calling it a ‘Chinese hoax’ and has no intent of respecting the Paris agreement – a unified global effort to tackle global warming. And if we move away from the man himself, Trump’s VP, Mike Pence is an ultra religious and loony evangelical Christian. Pence signed for the most restrictive abortion regulations. Even if the fetus had genetic defects, it would be illegal to abort, and if you do, you are required to bury or cremate the remains (presumably in a Christian way). His efforts of closing and defunding Planned Parenthood led to a resurgence of HIV in one county.

          Pence is also anti-gay, has signed laws that allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people, and diverted $53 million dollars towards public religious schools for the promotion of creationism. And like Trump, Pence also denies climate change. A campaign investigation has revealed that Pence used political donations to pay for the mortgage on his house, credit card bill and to buy a car for his wife. With both Trump and Pence, it’s a cataclysm waiting to happen. And that says nothing of the people Trump has picked to serve under his administration. They are all  either ultra-religious crazies, eccentrics or bigots. Even as ISIS and Saudi Arabia try to create an exclusive Islamic empire ruled under Sharia law, under a Trump Pence administration, the Christian version of Sharia law is not far away.

          But we are also seeing a regression in many countries across the world. China has built a firewall to restrict what its citizens can learn from the internet, employed human censors to quickly remove unfavorable content posted through apps and sites, forced the media to follow what the communist party wants, and will soon determine (through a scoring system) what’s right and wrong for all its citizens. Turkey’s no better off. President Erdogan has shown that he will arrest school kids for daring to insult his majestic splendour and he has already violently seized control of Turkey’s press.

          Let’s not forget the Philippines who voted President Duterte into power , a maniac who claims to hear voices and take instructions from God, and runs a vigilante campaign of mass murdering drug addicts and dealers. Under his administration, you are perfectly legalised and duly rewarded for the daylight murder of any suspected drug trafficker or user. No court proceedings required. And not only is he infamously vulgar and crude, his recent diplomatic actions  have been openly hostile towards America and any country that dares to criticise his ‘righteous campaign’. And does it help that in Asia, both Malaysia and Indonesia are gaining more support for Islamic fundamentalism? Or that Crimea’s prime minister, Sergey Aksyonov, has an alleged criminal past, is widely considered Russia’s puppet and rules that homosexuality is a crime?

          Because of America’s influence and sheer might, the Trump/Pence victory is likely to mark a genuine regression of all of mankind’s hard won victories. Separation of religion from politics / education? Giving everyone basic human rights regardless of race or religion? Allowing women to have control over their pregnancies? Acceptance of homosexuals? Support for critical and scientific thinking? These issues, which many people have given their lives for, are now poised to be moving ten steps backwards, with no clear path forward. It’s hard to believe that in a modern civilisation, where technology facilitates new modes of thinking and experimentation, we would choose to recluse ourselves to the dark ages. And sheer optimism won’t be enough here.

          So have you thought about (HYTA) whether are we past the point of no return?

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