Essential Books to Read (Updated 21/1/2016)

I have been asked why I read and dwell deeply on issues that should otherwise be inconsequential. I only have a simple answer: I want to think on my own and not be told how to think or lead my life.

The sad truth is that most people, especially as you know them better, will gradually impose their views on you. They will want you to share their same beliefs, or agree with their point of view.

Therefore, it is important to read, acquire knowledge, stay humble and correct our tendencies of arrogance and flawed thinking, if only to arrive at conclusions that are strongly supported by verifiable evidence.

The mind is a muscle, and if you do not wield it often enough, it will be your worst enemy. And the world out there is filled with charlatans, weird beliefs and bad information. One must read and think of the issues at hand so that we can truly justify the lives we want to lead.

The books below have my highest recommendation – they force you to reevaluate your thinking, or give you entirely new perspectives. If you read them, don’t simply breeze through. Challenge yourself on the ideas that are presented.

Click on any book cover for my concise thoughts.

Man's Search for Meaning9781853261589



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