Listing of Published Articles

Do we mean our apologies?
Why do we have affairs?
What is the meaning of life?
Which friendships are worth investing in?
Wishing we did or didn’t do something is not as simple as it seems
When should we give up?
Children should be protected from religion
Can we reject social and cultural norms?
The many debts we owe
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Lying can get out of hand (Trump)
What should love be?
The lies of numbers and language
What defines intelligence?
What jealousy can teach us
The religious implication of Trump’s Muslim ban
Socrates’ advice is relevant
What are some mistakes we cannot recover from (Trump)
What are the things you value in your life?
Should we speak out against religion?
Everyone’s a pervert in their own way
The world we live in is far from pleasant
Scarcity affects our behaviour
The ironies of living in a developed country
Learning a little logic is beneficial
Good thinking is undervalued
Limitations of freedom to believe anything (FGM)
It’s impossible to build a world on trust and love
The world has crossed a line
It’s hard to tell right from wrong
Deeply religious people should not be in power
Changing a person’s mind is hard
Does the world persist after we die?
Dark learning points of the second U.S. presidential debate
Our advice and criticisms are hypocritical
The media eschews religious criticisms
The mental associations we have
The different types of lies we tell
We have blind spots we know nothing of
The problem with miracles (and Mother Teresa)
Loyalty to a country is a bad idea
Religious harmony is impossible
We want people to depend on us
Aphorisms (Part 1)
Empathy has its limits
It is difficult to be moral
The problems of being a human being
The peculiarities of religion
What does death mean to you?
What do you believe in and how should you act?
Our first emotional experiences are a curse and a blessing
Why are people opposed to homosexuality?
Many things are not within out ability to control
Our losses and gains are the same
Our beliefs are less normal than we think they are
The influence of our parents and family
Self-deception: A necessary evil
We are not nice people
Does thinking well make us miserable?
We wear masks
Our miseries are self-inflicted
Human hypocrisy runs deep
Our strengths are also weaknesses
The future looks grim
The problem with religion (ISIS’ bombing of Brussels)
Memories are all we are
The contradiction that is Saudi Arabia
Who’s had the most influence in your life? It’s not always obvious.
The problems that come with unintelligent gossiping
Our tendencies to be overly critical
Why did Saudi Arabic & Indonesia ban Valentine’s Day?
What we really want in life but rarely have
Kintsugi (きんつぎ) – Our injuries and scars make us better
Contradictions in our lives, Singapore (Part 2)
The many contradictions in our lives (Part 1 )
Human Beliefs are Potent (ISIS attack on Indonesia)
Learning a new language
Our brain and perceptions
Making Life harder for yourself and those around you
How to be better at Studying
Belief and Behaviour (The attack on Paris)
Success and failure are equally important
What makes a good friend?
What is friendship?

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