This is an accrual of my published work, courses or materials I have set out to accomplish after 1st December 2015. It’s a measurement of progress, and an important self-assessment framework to see just how much I have improved.

Personal Courses:

1-2-2016 6-04-24 PM

1-2-2016 6-14-50 PM

12-29-2015 12-18-24 PM2-16-2016 1-24-15 PM

The Great Courses:


Intellectually stimulating. A must read/watch lecture series to understand how your brain develops addictions. Intriguingly, it also goes into the addiction of non-psychoactive drugs such as gambling, pornography and gaming. Deepen your understanding about the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area. (Areas of your brain primarily responsible for pleasure, and consequently, addiction) Such knowledge equips you with the skills to responsibly avoid or suppress potential/ongoing addictions.